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About Fox Valley Fire & Safety

Our Story

Fox Valley Fire & Safety Elgin

Since 1960, Fox Valley Fire & Safety has been focused on meeting the needs of our customers. The two founders of our company began working out of a basement, with one truck selling fire extinguishers and servicing them onsite. From these humble beginnings, we now have over 100 service vehicles and more than 300 employees working out of our 46,000 sq.ft. building. Our focus today remains on meeting the needs of our customers.

In 1997 the founders retired and sold the majority of the company to a group of five managers, all of whom had decades of dedicated service with Fox Valley Fire & Safety. A significant portion of the business was also sold to the employees through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). In this way, all of the employees have a vested interest in the success of the company.

In 2017 the remaining portion of the business was sold to the ESOP, becoming 100% employee owned. Between 2018 and 2024 the four senior leaders of our company began the retirement process. Al Whale, Bruce Volkening, Jim Moran and Ken Volkening all transitioned to retirement. We thank all of them for their leadership and mentoring throughout their very long careers. A new generation of leaders has emerged, some within and some from outside the organization. Our company continues to grow with so many talented and committed employees.

Fox Valley Fire & Safety Executive Team 2024 As the fire protection landscape continues to change, our customers rely on Fox Valley Fire & Safety’s knowledge and experience to help them stay current with these changes. Leading the way, Fox Valley Fire & Safety has expanded our products and services to include Fire Alarm, Restaurant Commercial Cooking Systems, Emergency and Exit Lighting, Security Systems, Access Systems, Engineered Suppression Systems, Vehicle Suppression Systems, Fire Sprinkler System Service, and Wireless Radio Monitoring for Fire Alarm Systems.

Fox Valley Fire & Safety is the one company that does it all. We meet all of the fire and safety needs of our customers from on-site surveys, CAD services, installation, monitoring, service, inspection and repairs, to the testing required to assure compliance with local codes. Our technicians are well- trained, uniformed, licensed professionals.

Whether you are a small business owner or contractor, a large commercial, industrial or institutional corporation, our goal is to simply deliver the best fire and life safety products and services in the market. As a leader in the life and property protection industry, Fox Valley Fire & Safety has the resources to provide you with the response you expect and the quality customer service you deserve.

Our Goal

The Response you expect…the Quality Customer Service you deserve.