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Sprinkler Pipe Corrosion, Pinhole Leak and Obstruction Mitigation

Sprinkler Pipe Corrosion – Pinhole Leak – Obstruction MitigationSprinkler pipe corrosion is a serious threat for organizations that rely on dry, pre-action, and wet sprinkler systems to protect their facilities. Internal corrosion, resulting in the formation of localized pinholes, leads to costly damage from leaks and catastrophic losses when compromised sprinkler systems are rendered inoperable during a fire. Fox Valley Fire & Safety can help protect and extend the life of your fire sprinkler piping with a full line up of corrosion inhibiting solutions.

Identify the cause of the corrosion with Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Testing
Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion, or MIC, has been identified as a contributing factor in corrosion of sprinkler system piping. Fox Valley Fire & Safety will collect water or sludge samples from the fire sprinkler system piping and send them to an independent testing lab for analysis. A full report of the test results will be provided, defining the type and concentration of any potential MIC-causing bacteria. Based on the results of this testing, Fox Valley Fire & Safety will recommend a custom-designed plan for mitigation of the MIC.

Corrosion Frequently Asked Questions