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Greater security. Greater control. Secure people and property with Control Panels and Keypads from Bosch.

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Banking/Financial Institutions

  • Early ambush and two-person disarm options provide flexibility to meet the specific security requirements of the branch
  • Use multiple areas to partition critical zones like the ATM, vault, and office. Allow the manager to arm the branch while keeping the ATM vestibule accessible
  • Features the highest level of encryption built into every control panel


  • Monitor critical coolers and HVAC systems—reducing risk for grocery and convenience stores
  • Use Area Control for arming/disarming critical areas like the pharmacy, cash office, warehouse, and overhead doors
  • Use the Monitor Delay/Delay Response feature to check for propped perimeter doors, roof latches and high-value areas, even during disarmed periods


  • Control access authorizations so each user can have a personalized passcode, wireless keyfob, and credentials
  • Deploy advanced detectors and sensors to protect against a wide range of security concerns (fire, smoke, CO, break-ins, explosions, and more)
  • Work with central monitoring stations to provide 24-hour support services for testing, monitoring, and emergency services response

Office Buildings

  • Program scheduled events to support day-of-week, date-of-month, and holiday schedules
  • Investigate alarms in detail using an event log with storage for local and reported events
  • Use programmable authority levels with restricted privileges to provide service, security, and cleaning personnel with full or limited access