NOTIFIER FireWarden-50 Fire Alarm System Panel

A Non-Conventional Approach
The FireWarden-50 is perfect for smaller buildings requiring a minimal amount of initiating and notification devices – installations typically served by conventional panels.

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The NOTIFIER FireWarden-50 (NFW-50) is a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) and Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter (DACT) combined into one circuit board. This compact, intelligent addressable control panel supports up to 50 addressable devices in any combination of detectors or modules. With an extensive list of powerful features, the FireWarden-50 programs just like FireWarden-100 products, yet fits into applications previously served only by conventional panels.

The FireWarden-50’s integral DACT transmits system status (alarms, troubles, AC loss, etc.) to a Central Station via the public switched telephone network. It also allows remote and local programming of the control panel using the VFWARDENCD Upload/Download utility. In addition, the control panel may be programmed or interrogated off-site via the public switched telephone network. Any personal computer with Windows™ 95 or greater, and compatible modem with a speed of 14.4 kbps or faster and Upload/Download software kit VFWARDEN-CD, may serve as a Service Terminal. This allows download of the entire program or upload of the entire program, history file, walk-test data, current status and system voltages.

The power supply and all electronics are contained on a single circuit board supported on a new quick install chassis and housed in a metal cabinet. Available accessories include local and remote upload/download software, remote annunciators, and reverse polarity/city box transmitter.

The FireWatch Series internet monitoring modules IPDACT-2 and IPDACT-2UD permit monitoring of alarm signals over the Internet saving the monthly cost of two telephone lines. Although not required, the secondary telephone line may be retained providing backup communication over the public switched telephone line.

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, the term FireWarden-50 is used in this data sheet to refer to both the FireWarden-50 and the FireWarden-50E FACPs. For FireWarden-50C, refer to DN-60446.