NOTIFIER VIEW – Very Intelligent Early Warning – Laser Smoke Detector FSL-751(A)

The VIEW laser smoke sensor is programmable to be up to 100 times more sensitive than standard photoelectric smoke detection technology. VIEW is ideal for critical applications where even a trace of undetected smoke is unacceptable or where high air flows can make traditional smoke detectors ineffective.

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The Only Laser Smoke Detector for Critical Applications!
The rapid growth in telecommunications, computer technology and manufacturing has fueled a need for extremely early warning fire detection. Today, even a small fire can have a traumatic impact on business operations.

Telecommunications facilities, traffic control centers, data processing and computer rooms can all easily be shut down in the presence of small amounts of smoke, let alone fire. In these applications, early detection is critical because a little downtime can mean disaster. Other environments that can benefit from VIEW’s early warning capability are archives and museums. These facilities often house irreplaceable documents and artifacts that are extremely vulnerable to fire related damage.

Laser technology is essential in any facility where there is substantial cost of downtime or a significant investment in installed equipment. And the sooner a fire can be detected, the lower the potential loss.

NOTIFIER’s VIEW Laser Smoke Detector senses the earliest particles of combustion, providing early warning of a fire condition. Its laser diode and precision optics makes VIEW up to 100 times more sensitive than a standard photoelectric sensor. Using an exceptionally bright, controlled laser diode, VIEW can detect the extremely small smoke particles produced in the early stages of a fire.

Although VIEW is ultra-sensitive, this does not come at a cost of stability or reliability. AWACS (Advanced Warning Addressable Combustion Sensing) algorithms verify the presence of smoke before alarming to minimize the chance of false alarms. Features like automatic drift compensation and maintenance warnings work to reduce nuisance alarms and ensure the detector is operating at its peak performance level.

With its ability to quickly detect both fast flaming and slow-smoldering fires, VIEW incorporates the key benefits of ionization and photoelectric smoke detection into one innovative sensor.

Pinpoint Accuracy
VIEW’s response far exceeds that of traditional aspirating systems. But unlike aspirating systems, VIEW immediately identifies the location of a fire with pinpoint accuracy.

VIEW is extremely flexible. Only critical areas that actually require ultra-high sensitivity smoke detection will use VIEW. Non-critical areas can simply use standard photoelectric or ionization smoke detectors. But regardless of type, all detectors can be intermixed on a single pair of wires, and utilize the same mounting bases, hardware, and accessories.
VIEW also works with FlashScan, a new communication protocol developed by NOTIFIER. FlashScan greatly enhances the speed of communication between analog intelligent devices. Intelligent devices communicate in a grouped fashion, making response times five times greater that of other designs.