Wheelock Weatherproof Appliances

Weatherproof strobes, horns, horn strobes, speakers, and speaker strobes designed for performance and reliability featuring an extended temperature range of –31°F to 150°F and meeting or exceeding UL outdoor test requirements.

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Designed for life safety, performance and reliability, Cooper Notification’s Weatherproof Appliances are UL dual listed – meeting both UL1638 and UL1971 requirements. As dual listed appliances, they are listed for outdoor applications under UL 1638 as well as under UL 1971, the Standard for Safety Signaling Devices for Hearing Impaired. With an extended temperature range of –31°F to 150°F (-40°C to 66°C), Wheelock weatherproof appliances meet or exceed UL outdoor test requirements for rain, humidity and corrosion resistance while providing multiple strobe intensity options, including the highest ratings available for area coverage per NFPA 72 strobe spacing tables (up to 185 candela for wall mounting and 177 candela for ceiling mounting).