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December, 2023
As someone in the service business I had to let you know what a pleasure it was to have your Fire Alarm Installers, Omar and Richie, working in our Westmont carpet store. These two were friendly, nice and really did a great job. They worked well to get the new fire alarm system installed without disrupting our business. They communicated what they were doing and when, always cleaning up after. In the service business you often only hear negative issues, that’s why I’m letting you know the good that mostly goes unheard. Thanks Fox Valley Fire for your work and these two installers.

Bob L.
Retail Carpet Store Owner


November, 2023
I had the pleasure of meeting with your fire extinguisher technician, Michael. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable as he explained what we needed for our annual service on our fire extinguishers. He was very polite, efficient and friendly. You certainly have a great employee in Michael. You can be proud of his representation of your business. I’d highly recommend your company to others because of his exceedingly high performance. Kudos to Michael – job well done!

Mary F.
St. Charles


September, 2023
I just wanted to write you quick and express that we were very satisfied with the service, knowledge, diligence, and overall experience we had when the guys came out to our manufacturing facility to inspect, service and put new tags on all of our fire extinguishers. Your service technician, Tony, answered all of the questions I had, let me know what he was doing and why and was also very good at explaining everything. Long story short we were very happy with the service and experience that was brought when he was on site.

Alex D.
Security & Safety Coordinator
Aurora Manufacturing Facility


August, 2023
I just want to let you know that today the training for our in-house fire pump churn testing went well, and the detailed instructional manual provided is exactly what we need, kudos to whoever put that together.
Alex should get special recognition for his knowledge (and patience) as he walked us through each step we’ll need to perform, and thoroughly explaining every item and action of the fire alarm panel and fire pump system. He made sure we understood everything, answering all our questions, and providing loads of useful information. He really impressed us with his knowledge and expertise, he knows his stuff!
Feel free to share this with Alex’s supervisors, he should get acknowledged for his effort and abilities.

Condo Board Member
Vernon Hills


April, 2023
To Fox Valley Fire & Safety,
Just a short note to tell you how pleased my tenants and I were to have your Service Tech, Pierre, perform the annual service on all of the fire extinguisher at our properties.
Pierre was very courteous and pleasant to all the people in both buildings. Thank you for scheduling him to service our extinguishers.

Sam L
Commercial Property Owner
Lake Barrington


August, 2022
I had a recent emergency sprinkler repair that when I called Fox Valley, they responded within 2 hours of my call. The Service Techs, Mike Knox and his man, Nick, were professional and knowledgeable and had the repairs done within a couple of hours. I would recommend Fox Valley for their work and knowledge on all things Fire and Sprinkler System related. I’ve had an ongoing relationship with them for over 30 years and they have never disappointed us in any way. Thank you Fox Valley!

Office Center Facilities Engineer


July, 2022
Dear Fox Valley Fire,
I have to tell you how amazing Aaron K. was to work with on the final inspection and test with the Fire Department. The new Commercial Cooking Fire Suppression System your company installed passed without issue. Aaron was prompt, professional, respectful, knowledgeable…..overall great person!
Best regards,

Michael T.
General Contractor


May, 2022
I don’t normally write these types of emails, and I am sure you already know this, but Fabian is probably the best technician of any kind we have had perform services for our company. His work on our emergency and exit lighting is excellent and he knows exactly what he is doing. He was so patient with me and he took the time to explain what he was doing and why. We will all miss his friendly smile and cheerful demeanor around our office after today. I wish I had ten Fabians on my staff!
Thank you,

Terri T.
CFO – Corporate


December, 2021
I appreciate the Ansul System work you did on this kitchen project, always a seamless job. Fox Valley Fire & Safety as a whole has been great to work with through all my years working with you as a Commercial Cooking Equipment Contractor. You’re trustworthy, professional, respectful on the jobsite to GC’s and owners. We can rely on you to get the fire suppression system installed properly.

Nick A.
Senior Project Manager
Zion, IL


September, 2021
I previously worked for another village for 18 years and we used you there for everything when I was there. When I got here in Carol Stream we were using a competitor of yours and they simply weren’t reliable. I am so happy to have you folks here now as you have always been on time, reasonably priced and responsive! Happy as heck to get you guys out to Carol Stream!!!!!!! Thank you for everything!

Shane H.
Director – Parks & Facilities
Carol Stream Park District


March, 2021
Good morning,
I am the Assistant Chief Engineer at a hotel in Elk Grove. I wanted to pass along a big thank you to Sean Sedrick and Mike Knox. We had some major issues with our fire sprinkler system during that really bad cold, here at the hotel and these guys really went above and beyond to resolve our issues in a quick and very professional manner. We are very thankful for all their helped and the way they handled everything.
Being in the Hospitality business and knowing that 80% of the time you are only hearing bad news, I really wanted you to know they are representing Fox Valley in a great way. Thank you for your time, have a great and safe day.

George S.
Assistant Chief Engineer
Elk Grove Village, IL


November, 2020
On 11/24/20, one of your Technicians, Tom B., performed the annual service of our building’s Emergency and Exit Lighting. He did an outstanding job. He was very cordial and professional. He explained to me how the devices work and how the test was done. I was able to see the work being done. In the past we used other companies and we were not satisfied with their job. This time we decided to use Fox Valley. We have used your company this year in different projects and we are very happy with all the services. Tom was extraordinary. Please take some minutes to recognize his work.

Condo Board President


March, 2020
A big thank you to Fox Valley Fire & Safety for rescheduling our Fire Alarm System inspection to be first today. The extra early time allowed for this inspection to be done while most of our residence were still in their individual living quarters. We’re grateful that Fox Valley Fire is working with customers to minimize exposure to vulnerable at risk residents and following facility infection control measures. We’re also glad to see their Technicians taking precautions while on the job by wearing disposable gloves and reassuring our staff. Truly safety first.

Kathi M.
Marengo, IL


February, 2020
I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Adam Piper – Fire Extinguisher and Commercial Cooking Systems Technician, for his continued involvement and dedication to our medical organization. Members of the Public Safety Team, along with Engineering and Clinical Staff have relayed to me their sincere appreciation for his efforts in supporting us with the not so easy task of keeping us compliant with The Joint Commission and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, along with all National Fire Protection Association criteria and standards.

Adam has become an integral part of our organization and we look forward to his continued service and dedication. Again, thank you so much for your enthusiastic participation and partnership with our medical facility. There is not a doubt in my mind that we would not have been a success without the help of Adam. Keep up the great work.

Warm Regards,

Robert G.
Medical Facility


September, 2019
I wanted to drop you a note to inform you Mike Knox and his colleague Kevin did some outstanding fire sprinkler repair work for us today in our storage facility. We met constant challenges with several sprinkler system leaks in difficult to reach locations, but they responded with positive can do attitudes to help us get the job done. Very, very much appreciated.


Eric N.
Round Lake Beach


August, 2019
Your Technician, Jim L. was out to perform the annual service on all of our fire extinguishers at our transportation facility. He was fantastic, like his feet has built in wheels, zooming around but very professional. I am very pleased with your service.

Thank you,

Michael G.
Sr. Facilities Coordinator


July, 2019
Thank you to Deanna and Lee for the great emergency service on our access system for our facility. Our front door was not locking properly and presented a security risk to our staff and building occupants. Lee was very helpful and resolved the problem. We can now feel secure that our entrance is secure. Thanks again for the quick response and service.

Mary N.


June, 2019
I want to thank Fox Valley Fire & Safety for the excellent experience on replacing our old Fire Alarm Panel with a Complete New Fire Alarm System at our office building. Their Technician, Xavier did a great job and was very professional throughout the process. He kept me informed and worked well with all the office staff he had to work around. I would not have any issues using Fox Valley Fire & Safety again or recommending them to others.

Thanks again!

Morton M.
Director of Sales and Service


June, 2019

Dry Pendant Sprinkler Head Corrosion

Dry Pendant Sprinkler Head Corrosion

Thank you very much Fox Valley Fire & Safety for everything you did to get our healthcare facility back in compliance. Your fire sprinkler technicians did an amazing job replacing all 170 damaged fire sprinkler heads in our parking garage. They also replaced all the dry pendent fire sprinkler heads in our coolers and freezers. We appreciate the quick turnaround time to meet IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health) timeline. Awesome customer service. We will work with you again on our fire protection needs.

Alberto R.
Maintenance Engineer


May, 2019
I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Adam Piper – Fire Extinguisher and Commercial Cooking Systems Technician, for his continued involvement and dedication to our medical organization. Members of the Public Safety Team, along with Engineering and Clinical Staff have relayed to me their sincere appreciation for his efforts in supporting us with the not so easy task of keeping us compliant with The Joint Commission and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, along with all National Fire Protection Association criteria and standards.

Adam has become an integral part of our organization and we look forward to his continued service and dedication. Again, thank you so much for your enthusiastic participation and partnership with our medical facility. There is not a doubt in my mind that we would not have been a success without the help of Adam. Keep up the great work.

Warm Regards,

Robert G.
Medical Facility


February, 2019
I just wanted to give you a great big thanks for having such a great group of people working for Fox Valley Fire & Safety! Everybody from the technician who serviced our fire extinguishers and kitchen fire suppression system, the technicians who tested our fire alarm system (and really spent a lot of time documenting everything to make their job easier next year), the tech who performed the annual inspections on the backflow preventers, and most recently the techs who performed the annual fire sprinkler system inspections, were great people to work with. Everybody was very professional, and were terrific at answering all the questions I had (and I learned quite a bit from these guys regarding our systems). And of course, thanks to you for the great job of providing good, thorough, and easy to understand price quotes for your services. I kind of stumbled into this position, and it’s going to be a whole lot easier next year thanks to all your help! I must say that based on my experience with your company, I would not hesitate to recommend Fox Valley Fire & Safety to anybody needing the fire prevention services you offer.
Thanks again for your help and understanding!

Bob W.
Assembly Facility


October, 2018
I was very pleased with the coordination and teamwork demonstrated by your Fire Alarm Service Technicians; Matt, Lawrence and Courtney as they replaced 68 smoke detectors in various residential units at the apartment complex in Arlington Heights. Their response time for the initial service call was excellent and I was very pleased with Matt’s assement of the Fire Alarm System.
Construction/Property Management


August, 2018
Fox Valley Fire Techs, Mike and Steve came out to perform a 5-Year obstruction test on our sprinkler system at our Chicago condo building. Upon inspection they found a section of pipe from the check valve with a significant hole in it due to corrosion. Mike and Steve did a great job explaining what needed to be done to get the system back up and protecting our building. They replaced the pipe, check valve and made sure there were no other obstructions or issues. Just wanted you to know what a great job these two Technicians did.
Property Manager


July, 2018
I know it’s often that we only hear negative reports, but I wanted to pay a compliment to your Sprinkler Service Scheduler, Sarah. She called to schedule our Fire Safety work this afternoon for our Chicago office. Sarah was informative and very helpful with non-related questions that I had regarding other services. Her customer service skills made me feel valued as a client.
Property Manager


June, 2018
I just wanted to mention your recent fire alarm service call to our corporate North Shore office. Your technician, Rich Bryant did a great job. He took the time to work with my team, corrected our fire alarm system and tested for proper operation. An absolute pleasure to work with. Rich provides excellent service, technical skills and customer service skills. Thank you very much.
Facility Manager


April, 2018
I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all of your help again this year with our annual Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System inspections. I really appreciate it. Also, I want to give a kudos to your Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Technicians that performed the work at our Lindenhurst Park District Properties. As always, they were excellent! Everything went smoothly. Again, thank you for coordinating the inspections. Please pass on the email to management so that they can hear about the great service work you provide.
Ken A.
Facility Operations Manager


March, 2018
I just wanted to drop a note saying that your Technician, Matt Miller just completed the process of bringing back all of our fire extinguishers that went to your shop for hydrostatic testing and recharging. Matt changed out all the loaner extinguishers you supplied with our newly serviced and tagged extinguishers. Matt did a great job and was very efficient. We appreciate his hard work.
Thank you,
Jim T.
Franklin Park


February, 2018
I wanted to touch base with your organization to let you know what a great job your Fire Alarm Technicians did yesterday at our office building. Chad and Lenny came out to perform our Annual Fire Alarm System Service Inspection. They went through the entire Fire Alarm System with a fine tooth comb, answered all of my questions and gave us some helpful suggestions on fire safety. What a pleasure! All too often in this day and age we very rarely get to hear of the good, only the bad. I thought it would be good for you to hear your employees are outstanding.
Kind regards,
Office Manager


January, 2018
Our church had a leaking Fire Sprinkler Head that required an emergency service call to repair. The service team of Alex and Tad were extremely professional. Their attention to customer service was above and beyond my expectations. Please give them my thanks for a job well done!
Kim L.


September, 2017
Just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you that your fire extinguisher tech, Zack, did a great job at our manufacturing plant.
He was friendly, personable, and overall I was impressed.
In this world of complainers, I always try to let people know when I have a good experience.


April, 2017
Just a quick note to let you know how impressed we are with Fox Valley Fire & Safety. The Fire Alarm Technicians and Installers have been incredibly polite and respectful of the building, safety and our tenants. It’s comforting to know we can rely on Fox Valley Fire to keep our staff and tenants safe while they perform the work on our fire alarm system.
Lisa H.
Facility Manager
Downers Grove


March, 2017
I would like to say that working with Tom H. and Nasario on the new Fire Alarm installation at our condominium building was nothing but a great experience. These guys are really an “A-Team.” I truly thought the installation would take longer than estimated. Both Tom H. and Nasario arrived on time every day and worked really hard. Additionally, they took time during the install to point out issues and educate me as to what would need to be done in the future. I did see these guys every day on the job and they really did provide a great installation in a fast time frame. Also, great communication throughout the job with Kevin, my sales representative. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother Fire Alarm Installation. If I ever have to do another Fire Alarm Installation, this is the team I want.
Fred D.
Property Manager


August, 2016
Jimmy and Mike were the pipe fitters who worked on the sprinkler system modifications for a tenant build-out for a new restaurant in Glenview. Their approach to the project was very professional and no-nonsense yet they were very polite and responsive to my questions. They are an experienced, conscientious and detail oriented team. Their workmanship was exceptional and they produced a neat and clean sprinkler system in a very congested space. I commend them for a superior job. Thank you Jimmy and Mike.
Jim K.


July, 2016
Our restaurant had a small grease fire yesterday with no damage or injuries. However, we needed an authorized ANSUL service company to certify the fire suppression system before the fire department would let us reopen for business. I called a couple of service companies and they couldn’t help me for 2 or 3 days! I called Fox Valley Fire & Safety, and they had a tech in the area that would be right over. Their service technician, Dan showed up and did a phenomenal job, going above and beyond to get our system certified so we could open back up for business TODAY. Dan was polite, respectful and answered all my questions. I will definitely be using Fox Valley Fire & Safety for all of my fire service needs. Time is money in this business, we can’t afford to be closed!


Fire Sprinkler Dual Check Valve Replacement

Fire Sprinkler Dual Check Valve Replacement

June, 2016
Thank you for all of the coordination and follow through on replacing the old dual check valve that is underground in our parking lot vault. These massive valves control the water supply to the building fire sprinkler system. You were so helpful to make sure I had a full understanding of the scope of work and exactly how it was going to be done.

Since this work had to be done overnight, I was quite impressed that everyone involved arrived early, got everything ready, knew exactly what needed to be done and how. The confined space safety person was great and nice to see the precautions taken to ensure that the guys working in the underground vault were well taken care of and protected.

Fire Sprinkler Dual Check Valve Replacement - Underground Vault

Fire Sprinkler Dual Check Valve Replacement – Underground Vault

A huge thank you to Mike B., Mike S. and Tyler who did an amazing job in very confined and difficult conditions. The old enormous valve removed had been down there for quite a long time and did not come out without a fight. It’s obvious these guys enjoy what they do and answered any questions I had throughout the process.

I must say in every way this job went exactly how it was described start to finish, no surprises. After watching them work all night and into the morning, not leaving until everything was right, and we were satisfied, is something not seen much anymore. Nothing was left un-done and nothing left behind.

I can’t thank you and the team enough for all the work that you did for us, again you have exceeded expectations and went above and beyond. It’s nice to know we are in such good hands.
Patrick C.
Des Plaines


May, 2016
Thank you so much for setting up our wireless radio monitoring for our fire alarm system. Fox Valley Fire’s quick response kept our Schaumburg restaurant protected and in compliance. Within hours of my call you came through. You are the best.
Greg B.


March, 2016
Just wanted to drop a quick note to recognize your Technicians, Rich and Michael. They were out to our Downers Grove office building to perform the annual fire extinguisher inspection and re-certification. They both were very professional and performed their job in an expedited manner as well as being very courteous to our staff. Thanks for your services.
Harold Z.


March, 2016
I just wanted to let you know that Mike, your Fire Alarm Technician, was an absolute pleasure to work with in programming and performing the final check out of the newly installed Fire Alarm System for the city of Wilmette. Thanks again for your help on this project.
Shawn F.
Electrical Contractor


February, 2016
Fox Valley Fire & Safety came out to do a thorough inspection of our Emergency and Exit Lighting for our manufacturing facility. It was a pleasure working with their technician, Fabian. He is extremely courteous, respectful of others and knows his stuff. I’m happy to have Fabian working to make sure our exit and emergency lighting are working properly, and all areas of our facility are covered. Again, he does excellent work!
John Z.
VP Operations


January, 2016
From your reception team, who promptly got me over to someone who could help me with my issue, to the techs that go the extra mile to satisfy their customers… color me impressed.
At a time when I had another service company miss/no-show TWO appointments to install Fire Extinguishers and fix/install emergency and exit lighting, I called you guys just over a couple hours ago and you already have techs (Jimmy Z. for Fire Extinguisher and Mike H. for Emergency Lighting) in my office installing what we need to help get this business open.
I am Grateful to have found your company; and while this might be outside of the norm because I did request RUSH on the job, I WILL be using your company for all of our locations’ Fire Protection and Life Safety needs moving forward, as far as your company footprint allows. We have 7 offices spread out in Chicago and the suburbs.
BIG thank you to your team of professionals. You guys saved my day, and in the process made me a believer in Fox Valley Fire & Safety!
Jake G.
Operations Director


January, 2016
It’s been a real pleasure working with all the pros at Fox Valley Fire & Safety. They have been great through the whole process of installing a fire alarm system in the new restaurant construction we are completing in Chicago. With new construction timing is everything! Fox Valley has been there every step of the way from system submittals to the actual phases of installation, and the final testing for approval. Fox Valley Fire was able to handle the building sprinkler system modifications too. Great company to work with.
Mike L.
General Contractor


December, 2015
I contacted Fox Valley Fire and Safety to help us with our troublesome fire alarm system in our school. A pull station had been damaged and needed to be replaced ASAP. Thank you for working so fast and sending your Service Technician, Clarence with the replacement device. He was most knowledgeable, informative and the repair work went smoothly. I look forward to working with him again. Many Thanks.
Lawrence K.
Elementary School – Chicago


May, 2015
Fox Valley Fire & Safety is providing the Fire Alarm Installation in our Northbrook condominium building. Their work is very clean and the residents have all commented on how respectful, kind and courteous the installation team has been throughout the project. No one likes disruption in their space and daily lives. Bob and Bryan have been terrific in performing the installation while respecting our residents and their spaces. Very professional.
Condo Association Board Member


April, 2015
Thank you for the prompt and courteous service on our sprinkler system. Some leaking control valves were a problem at our manufacturing facility in Streamwood. Your technicians, Tim and Jason were great and explained everything they were going to do. They repacked the OS&Y control valves and returned our system to full service. I now have peace of mind going into the weekend and look forward to using Fox Valley Fire & Safety for additional work.
Ron C.
Operations Manager


March, 2015
Our Frankfort bank location experienced a flood in the lobby that was coming from sprinkler piping behind the drywall. Fox Valley Fire & Safety responded promptly to my emergency call. Technicians Bryan S. and Drew S. were professional, patient and I was impressed with their expertise in analyzing and repairing our Sprinkler System. They were Phenomenal in handling the situation and getting us back to normal in time to open the bank at our regular 9:00 AM time. No lost time for our customers.
Dave F.
Senior Facility Manager


February, 2015
Your Emergency and Exit Light Technician, Fabian, was recently at our Chicago residential high rise to do repairs and he was great. Fabian was very professional and very helpful. We have great people working for us and they really appreciate working with Fabian at our property and just wanted to give him the credit due. He found additional Emergency and Exit lights that needed to be replaced. We really appreciate the time he spent at the property and is welcome anytime.
Susan K.
Property Manager


January, 2015
I am writing in regards to your two Security Technicians that have been at the building property that I manage. The same Service Technicians have been to last few service calls for our FOB Card Access System and Garage Panic Alarms. They have been excellent at troubleshooting our issues and have showed myself and my staff a great deal of customer service. I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the level of service that we have received from these two individuals. I hope that you can keep them on our account for future service calls at our property.
Thank you,
Ivan D.


September, 2014
Your company sent out a gentleman by the name Mike. I’m sorry I did not write down his last name, but I’m sure you can determine from previous mentioned information. I just want to take a moment and let you know that I was very pleased with his services and help. Mike was friendly, polite, and knowledgeable. Not to mention very helpful, he answering all my question and taught me a few things. I have only done a few FA systems previously and Mike had no problem answering my technical questions and double checking a few things I wasn’t confident about. He also provided me with his phone number and told me if I ever had any other questions he would be happy to help anytime.
I have been working in the trades for a long time and over the last few years fellow tradesmen have become less helpful, more argumentative, and often just plain rude. It was a welcomed change to work with Mike today. Well I just wanted you to know that I appreciate his and your service. And to make sure he gets recognition for work ethic. Thanks again.
Jason V.
Morton Grove


August, 2014
I had very little to do with this extremely generous act by Fox Valley Fire Company. Their donation was a direct result of the caring culture benchmarked by Fox Valley Fire as an organization and the numerous conversations between retired former Animal Shelter Executive Director and Tom Matousek from Fox Valley Fire.

Fox Valley Fire in my view, is not only the areas best service provider in the fire suppression and notification business, they are quietly one of the more generous and supportive members of our local business community as exemplified by this donation to the Shelter.

A big thanks to Tom and Fox Valley Fire for this awesome act of kindness in support of the good Samaritan work provided 24/7/365 by the Animal Shelter and it’s dedicated staff. All to provide steadfast, personalized care to our communities less fortunate cats and dogs.
Larry B.


March, 2014
My family business has been using Fox Valley Fire & Safety to service our fire extinguishers, fire alarm system, and fire sprinkler system for over 15 years now. We’ve always found them to be prompt, professional, and reasonably priced.

The technicians take the time with me to explain exactly how our fire alarm system works, and give me the piece of mind knowing that my business is protected.
Kevin G.
Algonquin, IL