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Vehicle Fire Suppression System Services

Vehicle Fire Suppression Service

When you have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in heavy equipment it is important to protect the people operating the equipment as well as your investment. As an Amerex, ANSUL and Kidde authorized distributor, Fox Valley Fire & Safety can help you protect that investment by providing a specialized pre-engineered fire suppression system. In the event of a fire, the fire is extinguished quickly to protect lives, minimize damage and downtime. Fox Valley Fire & Safety provides on-site installation, repair, recharge and inspection of the system and equipment.

Some of the industries we serve are: waste management, forestry, earth moving, and mass transportation.

Semi-Annual Inspection & Maintenance of Vehicle Fire Suppression System
Our technician will check that the hazards have not changed. Examine all detectors, Nitrogen cylinders, agent cylinders, releasing devices, piping/hose assemblies, nozzles, alarms, and auxiliary equipment. Visually inspect the pressure gauge on the discharge valve. Service the agent cylinders and the discharge networks. Blow air through the hose. Service the manual and electrical/manual actuator on installations so equipped. Service the Nitrogen Cylinders. Service and test the thermostat network. Use a heat gun to test the function of each thermostat. Test the function of the Circuit Monitor / Control Panel internal back-up battery. Check the last recharge date on the cylinder inspection tag to verify, as required by NFPA 17, the dry chemical be examined every 6 years and confirm the chemical is free flowing.

Upon completion of the inspection, the system will be tagged with the Vehicle Fire Suppression Inspection Report and a duplicate of this report will be sent to you. This service work meets NFPA 17 requirements.