Amerex Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Amerex KP and ZD Kitchen fire suppression systems provide for higher nozzle placement and fewer nozzles while meeting all industry safety standards.

Amerex KP Automatic Restaurant Fire Suppression System PDF
Amerex Zone Defense Fire Suppression System PDF
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When it comes to restaurant fire suppression, our competitors can’t come close to us, literally. For proof just examine the nozzle placement of our Zone Defense system. You might have to look carefully since our nozzles are tucked higher up in the hood than the competitor’s design.

The Amerex KP systems are inherently more effective and use fewer nozzles. But don’t think that means our systems are less capable. In fact, our restaurant fire suppression systems meet all industry safety standards.

Besides having higher nozzle placement, our fire suppression systems use less Wet Chemical agent thanks to an overlapping spray design (an innovation we pioneered). We don’t require you to route piping to an external source. With Amerex, the agent is in a nearby tank. Everything is self-contained for lower maintenance costs.

All Amerex Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems offer:

  • Less agent, fewer nozzles and higher nozzle height
  • Around the clock protection with automatic detection
  • Three detection options—fusible links, linear pneumatic and linear fusible link
  • Wet Chemical agent with a low pH that’s non-corrosive to stainless steel
  • Pre-filled pressurized tank for reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Listings with all major manufacturers of gas valves
  • ANSI/UL300, ULC/ORD 125.6-1995, LPCB, CE marked, MEA and SOLAS listings