ANSUL RED Restaurant Electric Detection (RED) Technology Fire Suppression

Intelligent and reliable multi-zone fire protection that’s easy to manage. Designed by leading industry experts, ANSUL® RED Technology integrates with ANSUL® R-102 or PIRANHA Suppression Systems for complete, scalable, UL compliant protection from detection to suppression.

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ANSUL RED Display ControllerIntelligent, Reliable Fire Protection for Commercial Cooking.

ANSUL Restaurant Electric Detection (RED) Technology is an electric, fully supervised and monitored technology designed to work with ANSUL R-102 and PIRANHA Fire Suppression Systems.

ANSUL® RED Technology provides confidence and safety by simplifying the protection of high-volume, commercial cooking environments. Its thoughtfully designed functions keep kitchens running efficiently while providing 24/7 protection.

The system is ideally suited for use in catering facilities, cafeterias, casual and fine dining, fast food chains, food courts, hotels and casinos, sports complexes and stadiums and other multi-kitchen facilities


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ANSUL RED Display Module

Smarter protection

  • Centrally monitored fire hazard zones reduce downtime and cleanup by discharging ANSUL® Fire Suppression Systems individually, only where needed rather than entire kitchen
  • A 4,000+ event history log with real-time date stamps provides a comprehensive record
  • Single display unit centralizes monitoring and simplifies control of up to 8 controllers
  • Hood cleaning mode allows kitchen staff to disengage one hood while keeping other hoods in operation and a failsafe timer automatically resets the system if the hood is not manually reengaged
  • Password protection for Authorized ANSUL® Distributor access maintains system integrity
  • System helps minimize the potential for grease buildup and simplifies maintenance

Superior versatility

  • Expandable system accommodates growth and allows for the monitoring of up to 16 zones
  • Configuration tool makes system installation and setup clear
  • Easy integration with existing ANSUL® fire protection systems with no change to the basic fire suppression system
  • Multiple temperature ratings in a single hazard zone adapt to the needs of a wide variety of appliances

Greater peace of mind

  • When combined with ANSUL® R-102 and PIRANHA systems, ANSUL® RED Technology holds a complete UL and ULC Listing
  • Service and maintenance notifications and around-the-clock troubleshooting simplify maintenance schedules
  • ANSUL® RED Technology meets NFPA 96 and 17A requirements
  • Advanced features and targeted suppression simplify and reduce maintenance
  • Real-time monitoring of multiple zones provides 24/7 safety

ANSUL RED Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Operating components include the display, controllers, spot thermal detectors, linear detection wire, electric manual pull stations, protracting actuation devices (PAD), electric releases, electric gas valves, and wire for power, communication, detection and release circuits.

Key Components

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1. Linear Detection Wire

With multiple temperature ratings in a single hazard area, the linear detection wire accommodates a variety of cooking equipment. It helps minimize the potential for grease buildup and simplifies maintenance.

Available temperature ratings
155°F / 68°C
280°F / 137°C
356°F / 180°C
500°F / 260°C


2. Controller

The RED controller features inputs and outputs used to protect up to two hazard areas and activates the release outputs. It also monitors all the circuits and can connect two additional, optional relay modules.

3. Regulated PAD Release (RED Automan)

The regulated PAD release assembly contains the regulated release, expellant gas hose for agent tank hookup and enclosure knockouts to facilitate installing actuation piping, expellant piping, release wiring and additional equipment.

4. Display Module

The display module is the interface that confirms the system is ready, monitors up to 16 zones, configures the system and identifies trouble or alarm conditions. It’s also where users can silence alarms, reset systems and engage the cleaning mode.
The module is password protected and features two access levels: one for the owner and another for the Authorized ANSUL® RED Distributor.

ANSUL RED Key Components