EMERgency24 Alarm Monitoring & Security Solutions

EMERgency24 maintains the infrastructure to allow the industry’s widest range of alarm monitoring capabilities. From sending signals over POTS lines or a cellular back up to alarms over-Ethernet or a radio-frequency network, EMERgency24 has a solution for all alarm-system installations. EMERgency24 remains ahead of the industry’s technological curve by staffing in-house programming expertise that allows us to respond to almost any monitoring need.

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Alarm System Monitoring

EMERgency24 Platinum Dealer

EMERgency24 presented recognition to Fox Valley Fire & Safety as a 2019 Platinum Level Partner

Monitoring Services:

  • Burglar/Panic: A nationwide team of operators ready to dispatch the police – following any protocol required by local authorities – to the protected property should there ever be a need.
  • Fire: UL-listed and FM Global-approved central station
  • Video: Remote Video Monitoring – Video Verification, Video Guard, Video Guard Tour & Video Gate
  • Voice: Two-Way Voice Bolsters Security in Homes and Businesses
  • Gas: Gas Detectors and CO2 Monitoring
  • Mechanical: Industrial Equipment Monitoring – Immediately inform onsite personnel and others from a call list about mechanical failures.
  • Environmental: Monitor detectors/devices as simple as temperature gauges or as complex as monitoring radiation levels at a nuclear plant. From Agricultural and Banking facilities to Warehouses and Zoos.
  • Open/Close Supervision: Alerts you when your system has been disabled or armed outside of specified hours. Track your employees’ arrival and departure times.
  • Auto-testing: Verifies alarm system connection to the appropriate EMERgency24 alarm receiver by transmitting a test signal at a specific time.
  • Elevator: Two-way voice monitoring of elevators in the event that a car may become disabled and occupants are trapped.
  • Emergency Call: Ideal for parking garages, open campus space or stairwells to provide a means of calling for emergency help should it ever be needed.
  • PERS: Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS) provide the means to call for help from almost anywhere in the home at the press of a button.
    EM24 Video Filtered Response

    How EM24’s Video Filtered Response process works

  • Video Filtered Response: Police prioritize response when video confirms a crime is in progress.

Protect Your Staff, Stock and Intellectual Assets

A business alarm system monitored by EMERgency24 is one of the best ways to protect your employees and place of business should there ever be intrusion, fire, medical emergency, gas build-up, water leak or almost any other unspeakable event. Having a team of trained monitors, constantly aware of any signal that comes from your security system, ensures a fast response when it is needed most. Other benefits of having a business security system monitored by EMERgency24 include:

Save on property insurance! It’s proven that physical losses are significantly less in structures monitored by a central station. This saving is passed along to policy owners.

Increased peace of mind! Even when you are not at work, emergencies are responded to immediately. This provides protection for employees, stock, irreplaceable data, historical documents and much more.

Instant information! Technological advancements facilitate instant notification of alarm system events, including the notification of power failures, system access outside of normal hours, abnormal temperatures, medical alerts or almost any other “actionable” event the owner would want to be aware of immediately.