FireFighter Antifreeze

Factory Pre-mixed Antifreeze for Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems.

FireFighter Pre-Mixed Antifreeze Data Sheet PDF

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FireFighter non-toxic antifreeze solutions are designed specifically for wet fire sprinkler systems. Use in place of water and other water-like fluids in sprinkler systems where freezing may either cause damage or interfere with the functioning of systems or equipment and/or toxicity to humans or animals is a concern.

Chemicals which compose FireFighter GL38 and GL48 and FireFighter PG30 and PG38 can break down over time.
NFPA 25 requires that the freezing point of the system be tested at least once a year.
Periodic testing of systems is critical to maintaining the proper concentration and freeze point of the fluid. Leaks, pressure surges, and temperature changes to the system can cause antifreeze to flow out of the system or water to flow into the system changing the freeze temperature.
NFPA requires a tag to be affixed to the riser indicating the date tested or replaced, the type and concentration by volume of fluid used, system capacity (in volume), contractor name and license number, and a statement indicating if the entire system was drained and replaced with antifreeze.
All fire protection sprinkler systems that use FireFighter GL38 and GL48, and FireFighter PG30 and PG38 should conform to local, state, and NFPA requirements. The use of antifreeze within these systems should also conform to NFPA requirements.

FireFighter PG30 and PG38 should not be used with systems containing galvanized metals or CPVC pipe. Use of antifreeze solutions should also be in conformance with any state or local health codes.