Hikvision Security Camera Systems

Hikvision is a leading provider of security cameras, hardware and software solutions for retail, education, healthcare, critical infrastructure, enterprise and many others. Whatever the scope or requirements of the application, Hikvision has a user-friendly, highly-scalable security camera solution.

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Security Camera Systems

The foundation of our business is cutting-edge technology: high-definition IP and analog cameras, hybrid, Plug and Play, and standalone DVRs, NVRs, PTZ domes, network switches, encoders and decoders, phone apps, VMS software, Central Management Systems, Monitors, and the latest technology innovations.

A total solution provider, Hikvision is a leading provider of security hardware equipment and software solutions for retail, education, healthcare, critical infrastructure, enterprise and many others. Whatever the scope or requirements of the application, Hikvision has a user-friendly, highly-scalable solution.

Beyond security, Hikvision products provide important data and business intelligence, which can be used to enable greater commercial success and more efficient operations. Committed to the utmost quality and safety of its products, Hikvision encourages partners to take advantage of the many cybersecurity resources Hikvision offers, including the online Hikvision Security Center.

Hikvision Access Control Application Map

Hikvision Access Control Application Map PDF

Network IP Cameras

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Hikvision IP Camera Comparison Chart

Hikvision IP Camera Comparison Chart PDF



Value Plus Series and Value Series

Hikvision announces a new line of cameras featuring its latest compression technology: H.265+. This advanced compression captures surveillance video using a decreased bitrate, reducing bandwidth requirements and storage costs. Hikvision’s H.265+ is a truly optimized encoding technology based on the standard H.265/HEVC compression, extending the limits of ultra-HD video surveillance applications. This new line of cameras includes 2-, 3-, 5- and 8-MP resolution models. Also new is the improved IR technology EXIR 2.0 along with new low-light technology, 120 dB WDR, Smart analytics, and IP67 protection. Hikvision continues to advance industry technology with the Art of Video Surveillance.

Value ExpressIP Camera Value Express

  • Entry-level budget cameras
  • 2- and 4-MP models
  • Fixed and varifocal lenses and PTZs
  • Matching 4- and 8-channel NVRs

Value (2XX3)IP Camera Value 2XX3

  • A step up without stretching the budget
  • Uses the latest video compression (H.265+)
  • Multiple resolutions available
  • Multiple lens sizes, incl. varifocal
  • Latest EXIR 2.0 IR technology

Performance (2XX5)IP Camera Performance 2XX5

  • Our most popular cameras
  • Models include domes, turrets, bullets, mini-bullets/domes, and fisheyes
  • 2-, 4-, 5- and 8-MP
  • IP67 and IK10 protections
  • Integrates well with Pro and plug-and-play NVRs

Smart Pro (5 Series)IP Camera Smart Pro 5 Series

  • High performance, fully-loaded project cameras
  • Wider field of view with ƒ/1.2 lens; unique rapid auto-focus
  • Unique anti-reflection dome with anti-fog lens cover
  • Up to 10 video streams share video at multiple locations
  • No new browser plug-ins required

DeepInView (7 Series)IP Camera DeepInView 7 Series

  • All the same high performance specs as 5-series
  • Latest features in AI technology
  • Human and vehicle detection
  • Advanced face-capture capability
  • Integrates well with DeepinMind NVRs

Smart Pro IP Camera Solutions

The Smart Pro IP security camera solutions are an ideal option for professional applications, as they bring intelligence, efficiency, and convenience to video surveillance. The DarkFighter and LightFighter IP cameras provide outstanding image quality in challenging lighting environments. Camera styles vary from indoor and outdoor domes, bullets, turrets, covert, fisheye models, and various PTZ options. Key features include high resolution up to 12 MR 180 panoramic viewing, smart analytics, and H.264+ compression. With so many options, the Smart Pro Series can easily meet the high performance and storage requirements of enterprise projects.

Smart Pro Box and Bullet CamerasSmart Pro Box Camera
Smart Pro Bullet CameraCompact and versatile, Hikvision Smart Pro Box and Bullet cameras provide a range of resolutions and lens choices, along with industry-leading low-light technology, encoding and Smart Features that are as versatile as they are powerful.

Special Purpose CamerasSmart Pro Special Purpose Multi-Imager Panoramic Dome Camera
Whether your requirement is people counting, heat mapping or improved coverage using multiple imagers stitched into a single stream of video, Hikvision has a solution that will improve any video system’s performance while providing the potential to improve business performance combined with improved security.

Fisheye and Panorama CamerasSmart Pro Fisheye Camera
Providing unique solutions for challenging locations that require the best wide-angle coverage or zero blind spot imaging, from a single camera with a single sensor, Hikvision can offer fisheye lens cameras with high pixel-counts to improve depth of field while preserving details, or panoramic cameras with built-in audio, short-range IR and a versatile wall mount option to guarantee 100% coverage.

Pan / Tilt / Zoom Dome CamerasSmart Pro PTZ Dome Camera
Hikvision PTZs offer denser pixel counts (up to 4K), Defog and DarkFighter technology, IR capabilities up to 1,600 feet (500 meters), region of interest encoding, the latest encoding algorithms to improve latency and storage, and Smart Features to allow the camera to perform reliably in unattended applications.

TurboHD Cameras

Hikvision TurboHD Camera Comparison Chart

Hikvision TurboHD Camera Comparison Chart PDF

Based on HD-TVI technology, Hikvision’s TurboHD products provide high definition (HD) video over coaxial cable at distances of up to 1500 feet. Specially designed for analog users who want a high-definition surveillance system, this line allows users to enjoy HD without upgrading to IP or even replacing their existing cabling structures. Providing impressive image quality, the camera line offers incredibly durable, vandal proof products with features such as OSD menu via Up-the-Coax (UTC), EXIR illumination, motorized zoom and focus, and 120 dB WDR.

Value Express VEValue Express Camera 2MP Outdoor Ultra-Low-Light EXIR Turret

  • Entry-level budget cameras
  • 2 MP models
  • Fixed and varifocal lenses and PTZs
  • New numbering scheme
  • Matching 4, 8, and 16 channel DVRs

Value – U1T, H0T, D3TTurboHD Value Camera D3T

  • A step up without stretching the budget
  • Models include domes, turrets and bullets
  • Multiple resolutions available
  • Multiple lens sizes including varifocal
  • Latest EXIR 2.0 IR technology

Value Plus – D8TTurboHD Value Plus Camera D8T

  • Best-selling series
  • Models include domes, turrets and bullets
  • 2 MP resolution cameras
  • Multiple lens sizes including varifocal
  • Latest EXIR 2.0 IR technology
  • Black housing models available

Professional – U8T, H5T, D9TTurboHD Professional Camera D9T

  • High performance, fully-loaded project cameras
  • Models include domes, turrets and bullets
  • Multiple resolutions available
  • Multiple lens sizes including varifocal
  • 120dB WDR and PoC models available

Specialty – H0T-PIRL, H1T-FITS, DFT, D0T-PIRL, D8T-PIRLTurboHD Specialty Camera PIRLTurboHD Specialty Camera FITS

  • High-security, application specific cameras
  • Models with PIR detection and soft white light
  • Multi-view, fisheye model
  • Multiple lens sizes including varifocal
  • Excellent low-light color imaging


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Digital Video Recorders – DVRs

Hikvision DVR Comparison Chart

Hikvision DVR Comparison Chart PDF

Hikvision DVRsHikvision offers a line of DVRs featuring high definition imaging in 2, 3, 5 and 8MP recording and display resolution. In addition, Hikvision offers H.265 high-efficiency compression and signature H.265+ codec maintaining 4K video while reducing bandwidth and storage requirements. Value DVRs offer a Power over Coax (PoC) option to power cameras over the existing video cabling remotely from the DVR, eliminating the need for local camera power requirements. HD-TVI video can be transmitted over longer distances than conventional CVBS (SD) resolution. All DVRS offer Tribrid technology which enables support of Hikvision IP Cameras. Value Plus and Pro level Tribrid DVRs support up to 32 analog channel inputs with full conversion to IP camera handling up to 64 channels. All DVRs support VCAs and Hikvision remote apps.

Network Video Recorders – NVRs

Hikvision NVR Comparison Chart

Hikvision NVR Comparison Chart PDF

Hikvision Super NVRHikvision Super NVRs offer flexible and powerful solutions to improve performance and balance requirements between channels, resolutions, and RAID configurations to provide days to years of storage, depending upon individual needs, including centralized management.

Value Series Plug and Play NVR’sHikvision Plug and Play NVR DS-76xxNI-QxxP-NVR
Our popular Plug and Play NVRs provide easy installation and operation. These Value NVRs manage bandwidth and storage with the latest H.265+ compression technology. High-performance cameras are also supported recording of up to 12 MP camera resolution, Ultra High Definition (UHD) output up to 4K. With from 4 to 32 channel input and 4 to 16 built-in PoE ports, these NVR’s easily installs and automatically adds connected IP cameras on start-up. Included are Audio and Alarm inputs and outputs and support for eSATA HDD’s and DVD-RW recorders. With up to 32 TB of HDD space, storage space is never an issue.

Smart Pro NVRsNVR Smart Pro DS-96128NI-I24-H
Meeting all bandwidth and storage utilization requirements, the Smart Pro NVRs support recording of up to 12 MP camera resolution, Ultra High Definition (UHD) output up to 4K, up to 192 TB of storage capacity and H.265+ compression to increase storage space by 50-70 percent. With capacity of from 16 to 156 inputs, these recorders offer up to 24 SATA interfaces and one eSATA interface for recording and backup. The NVR features Hikvision’s unique optimized H.265+ compression which means that bitrate and bandwidth requirements are reduced and storage space is increased by up to 50-70%. These NVR’s provide user-friendly centralized management, including configuration, import and export of information, real-time information display, and two-way audio. To make surveillance even more efficient, the NVR supports Hikvision’s Smart Suite of analytics, video content analysis such as alarms for intrusion detection, and has a Smart search, Smart playback with Event Playback and Event Back Up function for a specified field of view. Playback is a breeze with the smart playback function. It supports 16 camera synchronous playback, instant playback and reverse playback to insure you won’t miss a thing.

DeepinMind NVRsNVR DeepinMind IDS-9632NXI-I8-4F
DeepinMind NVRs include a high speed GPU that processes video data at tremendous speeds to isolate detection of human subjects, significantly improving video analytics accuracy and reliability. Inaccurate alarms from non-human subjects such as animals, vehicles, moving trees, and changing lighting are filtered and significantly reduced to improve accuracy of alarms to a tested rate above 90 percent. These NVR’s feature up to 32 IP camera inputs, H.265+ compression technology, up to 12 MP camera input resolution, 4K HDMI output and up to 64 TB of onboard storage with hot-swap HDD and RAID capabilities.

Video Management

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Central Management SystemHikvision Client Software Mobile Apps
Central Management products include the Blazer Pro and HikCentral, which are Windows-based devices designed for central management of distributed sites or a large pool of cameras recording on Hikvision NVRs, DVRs, and Hybrid-SAN storage products.
Modern and sleek User Interface for live view and playback with seamless management of 3,000 cameras per single CMS. Remote Server Manager (RSM) can be added to centrally manage 100k+ cameras. Provides advanced user management, including Active Directory Integration. Includes advanced Event and Alarm management features (Video Analytics, POS, and more). Health Monitoring is included for all connected devices. A perfect solution to your central security management needs.

Hikvision Client Software Mobile Apps Details PDF

Hikvision Client Software Mobile Apps Details PDF