Linear Access Control Security Systems

Linear’s Access Control Systems deliver a perfect balance of true security and extraordinary convenience. Whether you need security for one access point, or hundreds, we have a solution for your needs today and scalable for tomorrow’s needs.

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Linear Access Control Security SystemsLinear Essential Plus 4-Door System

The ideal access control system balances the competing demands for security and convenience. It fulfills a wide range of functional requirements with minimum system complexity. It integrates high performance, reliability, and flexibility in equal measure. It is technically advanced yet functionally simple. It is backed by the design, engineering, and production resources of an acknowledged security and control technology leader. All of which accurately defines every access control solution that Linear delivers.

Traditional access control with the added dimension of radio: Our product line represents a completely modular approach. Your entry options are virtually unlimited. Telephone entry systems, keypads, and proximity devices can be integrated into a single network or furnished as individual sub-systems. Then, there’s our specialty, radio technology, which can form the basis of an entire system or can be used to equip an existing site with remote keyless entry and panic button functions.eMerge E3 Series

Whether you need access control for a small office building, a multi-gated residential community, or a sprawling university campus, we have a system that can be precisely tailored by capacity and capability.

  • Faster setup, simple to maintain
  • Embedded Linux Operating System (OS)
    • MVP (Minimized Virus Potential)
    • No Microsoft update dependencies
  • Independent network, server, and dedicated workstation hardware are not required
  • Open platform allows for cost-effective integration with other technologies

Linear e3 Series Features

Common FeaturesLinear Access Control Panel

  • Shared hardware and software architecture across all e3-Series
  • Reliable, IT-friendly embedded Linux operating system
  • SQL database with optional API available (Elite only)
  • Intuitive quick-start wizard
  • Browser-based management enables system status and updates from any place, on nearly any browser
  • Easily up-gradable to incorporate future e3 technology integrations
  • UL 294 CertificationLinear Access Control Card Fob

Hardware FeaturesLinear e3 eMerge Bundle

  • High-speed, 1GHz processor handles multiple simultaneous users and more than 30 transactions per second
  • Long-term event storage via micro-USB card and FTP back-up
  • Optional Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Controller and Expansion Node enclosure options:
    • Small footprint ruggedized plastic enclosure
    • All metal enclosures include supervised AC battery backup system
  • Step-up Power Supply (integrated and stand-alone)
    • 10Amp – with Step-up Regulators provides both 12 and 24 VDC at the same time
    • Designed to lower the cost of installation by eliminating the conduit, interconnected wiring to power locks and auxiliary items

Software FeaturesLinear eMerge Dashboard

  • Mobile-friendly user interface
  • Set-up wizard
  • Dashboard displays full system status-at-a-glance including:
    • Event and activity log
    • Customizable door diagrams/floor plans
    • Remote door lock and unlock with status view camera’s, photo id’s and defined events with acknowledgments
  • Time-saving and convenient features:
    • Integrated card decoder tool
    • Dynamic event filtering
    • Built-in audit-trail
    • Automatic daily data backup
    • Built-in documentation library
    • CSV flat file database import and export
    • E-mail, text message notifications
    • Simple, easy-to-use predefined reports
    • Micro SD or FTP-based storage