NOTIFIER INSPIRE Fire Alarm Panel Technician

Next Best Thing in Life Safety in and around Chicago

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NOTIFIER INSPIRE Fire Alarm Panel Technician

Fire AlarmIn our 60+ years of fire and life safety service in Chicago and surrounding areas we have witnessed the introduction of many new and improved products. All promising a better way to keep people and property safe.
The next best thing from NOTIFIER by Honeywell is rolling out. As a NOTIFIER Premiere Partner Fox Valley Fire & Safety took part in the last leg of development of this innovative technology. Our expert technicians have fully vetted this exciting new suite of solutions and are looking forward to sharing the benefits with you.Notifier Premier Distributor

NOTIFIER INSPIRE™, Self-Test Detectors, and CLSS

NOTIFIER INSPIRE CLSS Self-TestNOTIFIER INSPIRE™, NOTIFIER Self-Test Detectors, and Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) are taking the fire and life safety industry to the next level. Together these offerings will minimize disruptions, maximize what can be done remotely, and deliver full compliance –helping make your buildings safer and more protected.
Smart technology eliminates the hassle that comes with installation and tests to create a less disruptive experience, and that’s just the beginning. Check out the 3 minute video and keep reading to learn more about how Fox Valley Fire & Safety and NOTIFIER can help take your facility to new heights.

Remote Monitoring with CLSS

Putting facility management into your pocket with the CLSS Mobile AppWithin the last year, millions of people transitioned to remote working environments, accentuating the need for remote technologies that make it easier for us to be productive and proactive anytime, anywhere.Monitor your facilities remotely with CLSS
With Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS), you unlock access to real-time information that enables you to stay on top of maintenance schedules, react quickly to incidents, and take appropriate measures – all from your mobile or desktop device.
Beyond that, remote troubleshooting allows your engineers and Fox Valley Fire & Safety technicians to diagnose problems before they arrive on site – increasing first time fix rates and reducing costs.

Efficient Testing with Self-Test

CLSS with NOTIFIER Self-Test DetectorWe know you dread your annual test and inspection. Not because you don’t care, but because having multiple technicians on site for days at a time requesting access to occupied rooms and disrupting your day-to-day is not ideal. We get it.
With our new integrated technologies, technicians no longer need full access to occupied spaces like elevator shafts, meeting rooms, and restricted areas to conduct a time-consuming smoke test and inspection. Instead, they can execute a functional self-test and then perform a quick visual inspection from outside of the room – saving you and your occupants the hassle of unwanted disruptions.
These solutions also reduce the number of technicians needed on site and the amount of time they spend there, turning a process that typically takes days and weeks into hours and minutes.NOTIFIER Self-Test One Technician Process

Digital Compliance Reports

Proof of compliance is critical in keeping your facility up and running or opening on time. NOTIFIER’s new solutions work together to ensure that all devices have been properly and thoroughly tested, delivering digital compliance reports at the touch of a button.

Expandable Systems with NOTIFIER INSPIRE™

NOTIFIER INSPIRE N16e Fire Alarm Control PanelAt the center of it all is NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ – the next generation of connected life safety fire control systems. This game-changing panel is aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and highly flexible – meaning it grows as your building grows, minimizing equipment changes and costs. Perhaps most importantly, NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ is the system that makes self-testing detection possible.

Streamlining Chicago Fire Safety Installation, Testing and Service

At the end of the day, we know you have more to worry about than your fire systems. That’s why Fox Valley Fire & Safety fully supports NOTIFIER’s integrated solutions, streamlining the way your facility is installed, tested, and serviced.

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