Fire Alarm System Update - Old - New

Why Update Your Fire Alarm System? Top 3 Reasons:

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Fire Alarm System Update - Old - New

  1. False fire alarms, not just annoying, very dangerous
  2. Fire Alarm System Annual Inspection found issues
  3. Fire Alarm replacement parts and components, availability problems: obsolescence, discontinued or supply chain issues

Keeping an older fire alarm system in-compliance in Chicago and surrounding suburbs takes knowledge, experience and creative problem solving skills. But at some point even our most seasoned technician will advise you that it’s in your best interest to invest in an upgrade. What worked fine 15 short years ago may today be too costly to repair and a liability nightmare.

Fire Alarm Control Panel Update - Before and After

Fire Alarm Control Panel Update – Before and After

Planning a Fire Alarm System update in phases can be a cost effective solution. First step would be to replace your old fire alarm control panel with a new panel, followed by updating wiring, detection and notification devices where needed. As your facility grows or the occupancy changes your fire safety system must also change to keep you in fire code compliance.

Now is a great time to take advantage of the smart fire alarm systems from NOTIFIER by Honeywell which have the capability and flexibility to grow and change with your building. Innovations in smart building technology have streamlined the way new Fire Alarm systems are installed, tested and serviced. Minimizing disruptions, maximizing what can be done remotely, and delivering full compliance –making your buildings safer and more protected. See the 3 minute video and read on to learn more about how Fox Valley Fire & Safety and NOTIFIER can help.

Local Stadium New Fire Alarm Panels

Local Stadium New Fire Alarm Panels

False Fire Alarms, Not Just Annoying, Very Dangerous

Too many false alarms can result in building occupants ignoring all alarms. What starts out as an annoyance and business disruption can become a huge liability for the building owner if a fire were to break out.

Chicago High-Rise Fire Alarm Panels

Chicago High-Rise Fire Alarm Panels

Even if it’s just your fire alarm panel beeping, indicating a trouble or supervisory condition, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

New fire alarm panels can communicate what the problem is, pinpoint where the problem is, and provide access to real-time information that enables you to stay on top of maintenance schedules, react quickly to incidents, and take appropriate measures – all from your mobile or desktop device.

CLSS Horizon Graphical Display

CLSS Horizon Graphical Display – Real-Time Remote Visibility

Beyond that, remote troubleshooting allows your engineers and Fox Valley Fire & Safety technicians to diagnose problems before they arrive on site – increasing first time fix rates and reducing costs.

Fire Alarm System Annual Inspection Found Issues

CLSS with NOTIFIER Self-Test Detector

NOTIFIER Self-Test Detector and CLSS Mobile App

Fire alarm systems require annual inspection and testing by a licensed service company to ensure they are working properly, in compliance with NFPA code and local jurisdictions. Any issues with the system have to be addressed. Common issues that are easy to fix are: the battery backup is expired or a detector has been decommissioned requiring replacement. Not so easy is a wiring issue or damaged panel. Fox Valley Fire & Safety is a State of Illinois licensed fire alarm contractor, and NOTIFIER Premier Distributor.

NOTIFIER INSPIRE Fire Alarm Panel Technician


Upgrading to a NOTIFIER INSPIRE fire alarm panel, CLSS software and CLSS Horizon Graphical Display Software allows you and our technicians the ability to view and identify problems before we arrive on site, improving response readiness and decreasing troubleshooting and repair times.

Upgrades that limit disruptions throughout the day due to testing and maintenance are important for facility managers and building occupants. NOTIFIER’s self-testing detectors digitize the test and inspection process, removing the need for a manual walk test with multiple technicians. Instead, a single technician can test each detector using the CLSS mobile app, turning a process that typically takes days and weeks into hours and minutes.

Fire Alarm Replacement Parts and Components, Availability Problems

Fire Alarm System Parts and Plans

Fire Alarm System Parts and Plans

Parts to repair your old fire alarm system may not be available due to obsolescence, they may be discontinued by the manufacturer, or supply chain issues make them impossible to find or too costly to acquire. Going without a working fire alarm system is not an option. It’s not just equipment that makes a system work, it’s the software that allows for better access and insight into fire systems. Together, NOTIFIER INSPIRE™, NOTIFIER Self-Test, and CLSS remove the guesswork of what is happening at your facility with a 24/7 view of real-time system status, maintenance schedules, device age and condition, and inspection reports.

Fire Alarm System Repair, Update or Replace

Whether your current Fire Alarm system just needs repair, or if a new system is the best option, Fox Valley Fire & Safety is here to help. We install, service, inspect, repair, maintain and monitor fire alarm systems throughout Chicago and Northern Illinois. Our factory-trained personnel are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to respond to all of your fire alarm needs. Notifier Premier DistributorAs a NOTIFIER Premiere Partner Fox Valley Fire & Safety took part in the last leg of development of NOTIFIER’s integrated solutions. Our expert technicians have fully vetted and fully support this exciting new suite of solutions from NOTIFIER, and are looking forward to sharing the benefits with you. We are streamlining the way your facility is installed, tested, and serviced.

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