South-Tek Systems Corrosion Inhibiting Solutions

Sprinkler pipe corrosion leads to costly facility damage from pinhole leaks and catastrophic losses when compromised sprinkler systems are rendered inoperable during a fire. Protect and extend the life of your fire sprinkler piping with South-Tek Systems corrosion inhibiting solutions.

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Nitrogen Generation Corrosion Solutions for Fire Protection Systems
Sprinkler Pipe Corrosion – Pinhole Leak – Obstruction MitigationSprinkler pipe corrosion is a serious threat for organizations that rely on dry, pre-action, and wet sprinkler systems to protect their facilities. Internal corrosion, resulting in the formation of localized pinholes, leads to costly damage from leaks and catastrophic losses when compromised sprinkler systems are rendered inoperable during a fire.

About South-Tek Systems Technology
South-Tek Systems understands the science behind corrosion and has always been committed to ongoing testing, having provided the Fire Protection Industry with the first and longest running corrosion study of sprinkler piping exposed to both compressed air and nitrogen gas. Advise on sprinkler pipe corrosion and manufacture the most efficient and cost effective engineered corrosion solutions on the market.South-Tek Systems Logo

As the only provider of dual-bed pressure swing absorption (PSA) nitrogen separation technology to the Fire Protection Industry, South-Tek’s nitrogen generators yield an efficient 2:1 air to nitrogen ratio versus the 3:1 ratio of competing membrane systems. Requiring less feed air to generate the same amount of nitrogen and allowing the feed air compressor to run at a lower pressure and temperature than it would in a membrane system ultimately maximizes the life of the feed air compressor and other integral components. PSA technology is also longer lasting—to the tune of 20+ years. In a PSA system, CMS material is utilized to extract oxygen from the air under pressure and capture nitrogen. It’s proven to provide 98%+ purity for longer as it does not break down nearly as quickly as the hollow fibers do within a membrane.