What is NICET?

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National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1961 to create a nationally recognized certification for engineering technicians and technologists. Designed by industry experts to provide engineering technology fields with a qualified workforce, programs are used by employers to measure job skills and knowledge.

Fox Valley Fire & Safety is proud that our organization has over 46 NICET Certified Technicians providing our customers with the best qualified people servicing, repairing and installing your fire protection systems. Our employees hold certifications in Fire Alarm Systems, Special Hazard Systems Layout, Inspection of Water Based Systems (Fire Sprinkler), and Water Based Systems Layout (Fire Sprinkler).

Our NICET Certified staff demonstrates a commitment to the industry, our company, their profession, and career. Through training, work experience, studying, taking and passing the certification examination, our technicians have the knowledge necessary to maintain their exemplary engineering technician status. Certification is ongoing, every three years NICET requires recertification of each individual by updating their professional development through expanded job knowledge, advanced skills, higher training, and taking part in committees and membership organizations in the industry.

The Value of NICET

NICET CertifiedNICET certification demonstrates a commitment to excellence. Through encouraging our employees to seek and maintain certifications Fox Valley Fire & Safety has shown that it is committed to providing the best service to the highest standards.

Since NICET’s founding in 1961, more than 135,000 technicians and technologists have met the rigorous certification criteria. That number is growing rapidly as more employers and local and state governments rely on NICET certification to measure the qualifications of their workforce. The certificate and wallet card issued by NICET serve as a portable credential for certified technicians.

What Does NICET Mean to our Customers?

By employing those Technicians who have demonstrated their technical qualifications, you can be sure that Fox Valley Fire & Safety provides you with highly knowledgeable professionals that demonstrate personal integrity and competence. And, ultimately, the public enjoys a higher degree of safety and protection.

NICET is a non-profit division of the National Society of Professional Engineers.

For more information about NICET, visit online at www.nicet.org.

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