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Commercial Security or Intrusion Systems

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Security SystemsVideo Surveillance Systems provide 24/7 visual capabilities, while Access Systems meter the coming and going of personnel around the clock. However, neither alert the authorities of a break-in or intrusion to your facility.Security Panel Service
A commercial security system control panel is the data processing hub of the system. All security devices in the system report to the control panel. This control panel is connected to a communication device which sends the signals to the central monitoring center for notification. Your premise is monitored 24/7. In the event of an intrusion, device sensors detect the break-in and in seconds both the authorities and you are notified.
Today’s sophisticated systems offer partitions, an area or areas that can be armed or disarmed separately from other zones. This is a great solution for manufacturing or warehousing that operates longer hours than the main office area. Perimeter protection is essential and can be further achieved by adding devices that detect intrusion on the exterior of a building before an intruder is able to gain entry.
Intrusion systems become much more user friendly with the addition of touch screen keypads that allow for easy arming/disarming, user code management, event history, and more.

Systems monitor more than intrusion

Honeywell Vista Environmental Sensors

Monitor Leaks or Flooding with Water Sensors

frozen pipes

Monitor Temperature to avoid frozen pipes

Security systems can also monitor temperature, humidity, gas and even water leaks to send a signal to the monitoring center to alert you and avoid costly disasters. Temperature sensors can help you avoid frozen sprinkler piping, or can protect perishable product from spoiling. Humidity levels may play an important part in your inventory, monitoring those levels and alerting you may save valuable inventory. Water sensors can be monitored to alert you of flooding caused by sewer backup, broken plumbing, failed water heaters, roof leaks, pump failures, and more.
A common feature is to integrate your access control system with your Intrusion Security System to automatically disarm the facility when authorized personnel badge into an entrance. This helps reduce false alarms and eliminates the need to disarm from the keypad. Software advances allow for remote arming and disarming, as well as scheduled automated arming and disarming. Receive text or email alerts and have access to timeline reports anytime.

Professional Installation, Maintenance & Repair

As a licensed Commercial Security Alarm Contractor we are working to make sure your system is in optimal working condition. A system that has non-functioning components or “gaps” in protection can be compromised. Annual testing and cleaning of all devices, as well as the backup battery supply ensure the system will perform 24/7, giving you peace of mind. The monitoring signals to the central station are tested and you receive a full report. Don’t wait for annual maintenance if you know something needs repair or replacing. Any non-functioning device provides a point of compromise. We are available at any time to make the necessary repairs to keep your security system fully protecting your property.

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