24 Hour Video Surveillance Sign

Video Surveillance Systems

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Security SystemsAn “eye in the sky,” “big brother is watching,” “under surveillance.” Common phrases that refer to video surveillance systems, CCTV systems (Closed Circuit Television) or IP camera systems.24 Hour Video Surveillance Sign
A well designed professionally installed camera system provides many benefits including protecting your assets as well as the hard working employees that are vital to the success of your operation. The technology of today’s digital equipment provides recorded crystal clear images with greater coverage areas and the ability to be accessed remotely, even by police in an extreme situation.

Exterior Cameras

The presence of cameras on the exterior of your business deters crime. Criminals and vandals will avoid facilities with cameras, greatly reducing the risk of burglary and vandalism to your property. We will help you determine the best type of cameras for your application. Variables to consider; weather rating, low light/night vision, cold weather, field of view (range), motion activated, wireless. Placement of each camera is key to assuring desired areas are covered and provide the optimum view without obstruction. Properly marking the exterior area with signage and door and window decals is an important element of the overall security camera system.Hikvision Box Bullet Fisheye Pan Tilt Zoom Dome Cameras

Interior Cameras

Camera systems inside your place of business keep employees honest and encourage appropriate behavior. Monitoring your assets, sensitive material, and vulnerable areas of your facility will help prevent wrong doing. If something should happen, recorded video will prove the culprit. Combined with an access control system, cameras provide the visual evidence needed for proof.
If your business deals with the public, cameras help protect your employees while at the same time, give the customers a sense of security. Cameras also prevent false injury incidents/reports. The recorded images are proof of someone doing something wrong, or trying to “fake” an injury on your property.CCTV Camera Inspection

Professional Installation

Our many years of experience and access to the latest equipment provide our customers with custom video surveillance systems. We take the time to evaluate each property and consider the specific needs to provide proper coverage. Digital systems provide great resolution, zoom function, massive storage, multiple camera feeds and the ability to remotely access all of them live, or access archived footage. Management software makes it possible to access any camera feed from any location and search archived footage based on numerous factors such as timestamps, location, etc. Mobile Video Management Honeywell MAXPROVideo Management Software Honeywell MAXPRO

A professional Video Surveillance System provides the “eyes” for your overall security plan and peace of mind.


Fox Valley Fire & Safety installs and provides service for a wide range of customer applications:

Multi-level Condominium Buildings – Complete Video Surveillance coverage of exterior and key interior locations. Combined with Access Control System throughout the facility enhanced with a Telephone Entry System to allow visitors to gain access granted by the tenant, provide the best security solution.

Some other applications that utilize Video Surveillance in conjunction with other Security Systems are:

  • Condominium buildings with Commercial and Retail spaces.
  • Schools, Colleges, and University Campuses
  • Worship Assemblies
  • Village Municipalities with one or multiple buildings
  • Warehouse and Industrial Facilities
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Office Complexes
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Gas Stations
  • Theaters

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